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I write… a lot. I average about 2000 words a day, and proofread my finished novels if I have time. School seems to be a priority that even writing can’t make go away.

Anyways, here’s what I have so far:

The Delos ChroniclesDead Man Stalking — done
Dead Man Hiding — 20,000 words in I scrapped it because I didn’t like where it was going, and started anew. I think I’m about 3000 words in
Dead Man Watching — 6,000 words in I am now almost 40k in, and it is going strongThe Wraith-KillersRevenant-Killer –done, in the process of revising
SoulSinger — 3,000 words in; and I haven’t touched it since Feb… mostly because school has been eating away at my writing time.

Stand alone:  Like Neverland – a story I had written in the tenth grade, and it’s really bad, but I’m transferring it to my laptop and hopefully can fix it up in time, to get this one published..maybe.

Dead Man Stalking is my first full-length novel, topped at 110,000 words. Check out the excerpt pages for more! (Under the page that says Dead Man Stalking)


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