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Homeward Bound | June 4, 2010

Ever seen that movie? You know where two, or is it three dogs, and a cat get lost and have to make their way home through crzay forests, dangerous wilderness, and scary animals like the porcupine.
   It’s very much like what a writer has to do. We need to find our way back home with our characters, or maybe just do some really good convincing to the protagonist/ antagonist to go where we want them to go.
  The hero/ine might have been lost in space for decades and wants to go home; a girl who recently had her world turned upside down just wnats to be normal again; a boy wants his crappy life to end.
  They all in some ways want to go home – which may not always be a physical place. They want to go where they feel safe – whether that is perceived normalcy, or suicide, it’s what they want.

 It’s hard to write, sometimes, most of the time.
 I’m one of those writers that does not plot.  Meaning, I sit at my computer/laptop and write for a couple of hours. I don’t necessarily worry about what Im writing, and I don’t get mad at myself if it is utter crappola. I know I can fix it in revising the first draft if it needs to be changed.
  I write, and write, and write.
  I don’t even review what I did the previous day, as well. I just keep on writing, content that the words are flowing and I’m getting pages and pages of work done. I’m freaking ectstatic when the words are coming out. This happens most of the time, and I find I don’t struggle with the story unless it’s really not working (like Dead Man Hiding was).
  And I’ve also started another ‘work in progress’ (abbreviated WIP), because I couldn’t get a particular scene out of my head unless I wrote it down.
But in the end, that’s what it all comes down to: The writer is trying to get his/her characters back home, to where they feel safe and sound, until the author decides to throw something at them again… maybe in the sequel.


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