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The vortex of Despair | June 3, 2010

Yes, we all know what I am going to talk about today – that horrible, dark, swirling vortex of despair that doesn’t just happen to writers only, but almost everyone who has a four-chambered heart — and if you don’t have one I want to see scans please.
For writers, especially the ones who are pining for an agent, contract and/or both know what this vortex of despair is. Hell, I know what it is.

You start out all optimistic, right? You’ve finished your novel… a sense of accomplishment… hells no! Now you have to polish that sucker up, read it over and over until your eyes bleed, and you’re *finally* happy with it. Some of us never actually get to this point.

Then, you send it off… either through e-mail or snail mail, but your precious work is OUT THERE to be seen and judged, and potentially mistreated as you get rejection after rejection after rejection.

Don’t sweat it. Most of the time, it could be that the agent isn’t a good fit for your project… and you don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t like your work, now do you?  So you wait… send out more queries until your eyes bleed.

And you wait. And wait some more. Wait, wait, wait…
You try to remember that patience is a virtue (whoever said that was clearly not in his/her right mind)
Try to distract yourself with chocolate, maybe even a good movie that will make you laugh and put the fear at bay that you won’t find that special someone,  ANYONE who decides to take a chance on you and shop around for a publisher, your manuscript in their valiant hands.

Please, God, let that be soon.


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